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Technical Assistance
for South Carolina Human Service Providers Association members

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iTrain@quiz-me network provides...

♦  Easy access to training – any computer connected to the internet from any location.

♦  Trainee login at start of training – email is sent to specified address automatically to document the time training began.

♦  Consistent delivery of training materials – every training experience delivers the same content.

♦  Customizable content – Provider may determine what content is desired and how it is best presented.

♦  Content delivery optimized to compensate for slower connections – ‘PowerPoint’ type slides present text quickly and effectively. Content is delivered without waiting for graphics to load.

♦  Simple <page-up> <page-down> navigation makes it easy to review covered material – space bar is also option for moving forward.

♦  Timed quiz at end of training – documents trainee competency with material presented.

♦  Quiz randomization – order of questions and answers is different each time the quiz is accessed to minimize trainees sharing results.

♦  Complete quiz results sent to designated instructor – the designated instructor will receive complete quiz results for each trainee, including the full text of the question, the response given and the recorded correct response.

♦  Results page at end of quiz – results page may be printed by the trainee to provide personal backup documentation of training.

♦  Documentation of time elapsed – login email and test results provide internet timestamp to document when trainee began and completed training.

♦  Printable training handouts – Accessing the print command from with the slide show will print the text of the entire training module enabling trainees to preview or review training materials.